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All on Four/Teeth in a day

The all on 4s concept refers to the placement of dental implants and attaching teeth in 1 day. Often referred to as ‘ All On 4’ or ‘Same Day Teeth’, it is a treatment modality for rehabilitating an entire jaw (or jaws) where teeth are missing or the teeth that are still present are referred to as a ‘terminal dentition ‘(e.g. Extensive periodontal disease where complete extraction of the remaining teeth is recommended).

This clinical solution has been developed to maximize the use of available bone and to allow for the immediate attachment of a full arch bridge and immediate function. Using four dental implants in each jaw placed in a specific manner, this technique allows the ability to provide a secure and optimal prosthetic support for a fixed prosthetic bridge, even with minimum bone volume.

Some removable dentures (depending on characteristics of jawbone, amount of gum tissue and quality of denture) can force patients to make changes in eating habits, create new choices of what to eat, use special liners to prevent having loose or painful dentures, have difficulties with speech, etc.

The teeth in a day / All on 4 concept was developed for those patients who cannot tolerate dentures and their associated shortcomings. We prefer the use of metal supported acrylics as the immediate bridge material. Injection moulded metal supported acrylics are lightweight, very durable and provide excellent aesthetics that can be tailored to suit each individual. They are easily retrievable by a dental professional and inexpensive to maintain, repair and replace.

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