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NHS Braces for Under 18S

At Marsh Road Dental, Luton, we are delighted to be able to offer free NHS orthodontic treatment to children under 18, providing they meet the NHS criteria. Please speak to one of our team or ask your general dentist for a referral.

Marsh Road Dental has for years been providing the local community and beyond with skilled, family friendly and affordable dentistry. With the experience to provide your children and teenagers with the braces they require for happy healthy smiles as they grow up, trust us to do the best for your family.

We have parking facilities to the rear of the practice, giving you easy access and convenience.

What is Orthodontics?

Teeth straightening! Orthodontics uses devices such as a brace to correct the position of the teeth. Your exact treatment will depend on the problems with your teeth. If worn correctly, you are likely to achieve good results, usually within 18-24 months. If the problem is more complicated, treatment may take longer.

How can I access Free NHS Orthodontic treatment for my child/teenager?

In most cases, you or your child will be referred to an orthodontist by your dentist, although you may be able to seek treatment directly. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, you may have to decide whether to have treatment privately or on the NHS. NHS orthodontic treatment is free for people under the age of 18 with a clear clinical need for treatment. If you or your child does not qualify for free NHS treatment, or you don’t want to wait for treatment to start, you may choose to have private treatment.

How does the NHS Orthodontic system work?

A rating system known as the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) is used to assess your eligibility for NHS treatment. The British Orthodontic Society's website has more information about the different grades used for the IOTN. NHS treatment is available for grade 4 and grade 5 cases. Grade 3 cases are usually judged on an individual basis. Treatment may also be made available if the appearance of a person's teeth, jaw or face is of concern.

Would you like to know more or enquire about referrals? Please fill in your details below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible